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Natural Dyes and Fibers





About Erica

Best in Weaving Award
2008 Award
received at the
75th Annual League
of NH Craftsmen’s Fair
in Sunapee, NH

09 award
2009 Award
received at the
76th Annual League
of NH Craftsmen’s Fair
in Sunapee, NH

Erica Pfister
Weaver Erica Pfister with a sampling of her rugs and pillows

I design and weave all the rugs and pillows on a four harness floor loom, using the finest quality materials - wool, I dye with natural dyes, and linen.  By packing the wool very tightly and braiding the linen warp ends, I create sturdy durable rugs.

Krokbragd or "crooked path" is an ancient Norwegian weaving technique I use to weave my rugs. This technique enables me to creatively combine color and design, producing rugs suitable for contemporary or traditional interiors.


For more information contact:
Erica Pfister
265 Quaker City Road, Unity, NH 03603
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